Life’s Little Moments 1 


The first of an ongoing series of beautiful little moments I want to share and remember forever. A photo of my hand holding a fresh strawberry I picked up from the farmers market with my little brother, the day he moved out for the first time! A lovely way to remember our childhood. I hope this piece allows you to look back on all of your favorite memories with your siblings and take a look at how far you all have come. 

This piece is 12x24” and comes in an environmentally friendly bright white renewal core frame. 



Rhea is the Roman Goddess of earth and fertility, the mother of Zeus and Poseidon. She came to life as a painting after an amazing experience I had in college where I went to a march for women’s reproductive rights. She represents the balance of power and grace behind feminism. This piece is 16x20” and comes in a navy blue high quality wooden frame.

The Mountain of Dreams 


One of the very first pieces I created on my journey to becoming a professional artist. The Mountain of Dreams vividly represents the highs and lows of climbing and reaching toward all of your wildest dreams. Some falls may happen along the way, but it is all a part of the beauty of life. This piece is 36x48” and comes in a beautifully crafted wooden “floater” frame. 

Time for Tea


Time for Tea is a simple yet intricate piece that reminds us to slow down once in a while and appreciate the mundane moments in life. With its soothing colors and comforting composition, it’s the perfect piece to bring a splash of life to your kitchen or coffee bar! This piece is 8x8”, on a gallery style high quality stretched mini canvas.