By the Bayside

“The shades of the sea emit from this piece with a balance of peace and power. The deep blues represent the waves, and the creams represent the place they lay to rest.”

This lovely abstract piece was created to bring a pop of love and life into my client’s guest space. The room had originally housed their mother, who passed away peacefully in this room, surrounded by love. Afterward, the space felt… empty. I was asked to create this piece to breathe some life back into the room, and I am grateful to say that the client and I both agree that it did just that.

“... so pull up your nearest beach chair, pour yourself a pina colada, and sit with me in solitude By the Bayside…”

Creating Arcadia

The word “Arcadia” can translate to “ being in a place that has a sense of peace, simplicity, and contentment”.
This lovely painting holds a very special place in my heart, as it was the piece that got me noticed by my first gallery owner! This piece was created to go in my parents real estate office when they started their own “group” within their brokerage. Our home was filled with excitement and wonderful new beginnings for everyone. They have since made some changes to their plans, but the joy of painting still remains. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to support them in their journey just like they have always supported me in mine. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if it weren't for their love and support!

Experiments of the Heart

Just as it says in the title, this piece originally started out as an experimental project I started while testing out some new tools and techniques. I was lucky enough that my eye for color was on my side that day, as the colors all mixed beautifully while staying nice and vibrant. Once the canvas was filled with paint, I stepped back and fell in love with how it turned out! I decided to frame it and put it up for sale! A short few weeks later, it found its way home to its rightful owner! 

If you know anything about the chakras that line the center of our body, you know that our heart chakra is typically represented in a bright green color. I used this knowledge to create the title for this piece, which ended up being a perfect fit for how beloved this piece quickly became.

Life’s Little Moments 2 

This piece has a very deep, bittersweet memory attached to it. The second of my ongoing “Life’s Little Moments” series, this painting is of my best friend standing along the shore of our lake in our hometown of Lake Havasu, Arizona. It was a gloomy and chilly January day, and we had been spending the afternoon mourning and reminiscing on our dear friend who had passed away just a few weeks prior. We decided that some fresh air might help us remind ourselves of all the things we can still be grateful for, even in the midst of great sadness. 

I took this photo of her without her knowing, and surprised her with the painting a few months later. She ended up buying the piece, and it now hangs in her bedroom! 

Sonoran Oasis

The story behind this piece is simple, yet beautiful. I was visiting my grandparents in Scottsdale, Arizona wandering through their backyard looking for inspiration. I am just as inspired by the life of the nature around us as I am our own human experiences. While walking through their yard, I notice how beautiful the ripe oranges look nestled against the deep green leaves of the tree. Over the concrete wall, the neighbor has a lovely young cactus growing in their yard. I found this image to be particularly beautiful because it shows the natural beauty of Arizona, as the iconic cactus is paired with the vibrant citrus that grows here too. I snapped the photo and got to painting as soon as I returned home

Sunset Americana

This lovely commission piece started out with the client wanting something bright and colorful that featured the Agave Americana plant, a native to the Sonoran Desert. As time went on and the painting came to life, I learned more about my client and their story. I learned that they used to take their family to lake powell and they always loved the beautiful red mountains that lined their view of the lake. The red mountains in the background of the giant agave plant wonderfully combine this family’s story and all the lovely memories they have created together over the years.

The Backside of Water

I was very grateful to have loads of creative freedom on this commission project. My guidelines from my client were this: shades of blue, mountains, and a waterfall. Creating this piece ended up to be an absolute joy from start to finish. I was really able to allow myself to surrender to the creative process, and let the paints and the brushes guide me to wherever they were meant to go. I feel that this piece has a lovely balance of energy and zen; the waterfall crashing into the lake, while the mountains stand tall in the background, silently waiting to be seen. The frequency of the earth can almost be heard the longer you watch and listen… 

The Power She Holds 

The Power She Holds is one of my personal projects that I created in an attempt to “let go” of many issues in my life that had been burdening me. As someone who has struggled with my mental health for many years, I felt the need to create a piece that could represent the pain I have felt in a powerful way. 

Tucked within the layers of this painting, you will find all of the thoughts, emotions, and even harmful actions that mental illness has put me through. Each corner of this piece tells a story, one of which far too many people can relate to. Creating this piece allowed me to take my anger, sadness, confusion, and fear, and turn it into something beautiful. It acts as a reminder for myself and those around me that they are powerful, resilient, and strong. It is a reminder that no matter how dark things get on the inside, there is always hope to be found in the world around us. 

Welcome Home

This adorable commission piece turned out to be an awesome housewarming gift for a distant relative of mine! They moved to my hometown in June of this year after only visiting for a month! While on their vacation, they spent a lot of time on the lake and boating. They fell in love with the lifestyle and the beautiful desert that surrounds us. 

Our lake, like most others, supports all kinds of wildlife, specifically many families of Mallard ducks. This client has always been a duck lover, so being able to see the ducks up close in the water made our town even more exciting for her! As a gift, her friend decided to have me paint a picture of one of these ducks to hang in her new home. She was overjoyed when she saw it, and the piece now hangs at the top of all her other favorite duck pieces!

Our Angel

I created this piece in memory of a close friend of mine, Mackenzie Jordan, who sadly took his own life on December 18, 2022. He was one of those people you met, and wondered where they had been all your life; the sunshine you didn’t know you were missing. I didn’t know Mac for very long, but our connection and draw toward one another was instant and very strong. We spent our time partying with friends, going on late night drives, talking about life, and kissing in the rain. 
The moment I heard about your passing, I knew it was time for me to truly better myself. To heal the pain that mental struggles can cause. I knew your pain, and you knew mine. I will heal for you, and I will live for you. 
Mac, I want to thank you for giving me the strength to create this piece in your spiritual image. Thank you for choosing me to be your channel and trusting my hands to capture your spirit in the form of art. I know that you are safe and free in Heaven. I miss you every single day, but I am so glad that I am still able to feel your presence so powerfully when you are near. May your beautiful soul Shine on forever. Until we meet again, dear friend. I love you.